Formed in 2014 by Daniel Treisman, a Professor of Political Science at the University of California, Los Angeles, the Russia Political Insight team consists of 10 senior and eight junior partners, based in Moscow, St Petersburg, Los Angeles, and Oxford. Members include leading Russian journalists and policy analysts as well as younger scholars of Russian politics.

This website provides links to our continually updated publications on Russian domestic politics, in English and Russian, in the press, academic journals, and on the internet.


Photo: Moscow Rally, 10 December, 2011, Bolotnaya Square, view from the Luzhkov Bridge (P. Bogomolov).

The Russia Political Insight Team is engaged in an international research collaboration to deepen understanding of Russia’s domestic political landscape.

In an edited volume, planned for publication in early 2017, we will describe the actors and influences on political decision-making in contemporary Russia. Our goal is to bridge expert, journalistic, and academic communities to produce accounts, informed by scientific research but written in accessible language, that can guide Western policies.

Our founding conference was held at UCLA in March 2015. The picture shows the team, along with four expert discussants: Leon Aron (AEI), Michael McFaul (Stanford), Graeme Robertson (University of North Carolina), and Joshua Tucker (NYU).