Alexei Zakharov

Senior author

Alexei Zakharov is an assistant professor of economics at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow specializing in quantitative methods in political science and political economy. He has also written a column in the Russian newspaper Vedomosti, and has been active in several civic projects.


Game Theory in the Social SciencesMoscow: 2015, (in Russian).

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"Competition for Popular Support: A Valence Model of Elections in Turkey," co-authored with Norman Schofield, Maria Gallego, and Ugur Ozdemir, Social Choice and Welfare 36(3-4), 2011: 451-82.

"A Stochastic Model of the 2007 Russian Duma Election," co-authored with Norman Schofield, Public Choice 142(1-2), 2010: 177-94.