Ella Paneyakh

senior author

Ella L. Paneyakh is a docent in the Department of Sociology in Higher School of Economics -- St. Petersburg. Previously she worked as a professor in the Department of Political Science and Sociology at the European University at St. Petersburg, and as a Director and Senior researcher in the Institute for the Rule of Law in the same university . She defended her Ph.D. (kandidatskaya) in 2015 at Pacific National University. Previously, she studied as a doctoral candidate in the Sociology Department of the University of Michigan (2002-2009), and received an M.A. from the Department of Political Science and Sociology at the European University at St. Petersburg (2001). In 1996, she received a specialist diploma in Economics in the St. Petersburg University of Economics and Finance. Her publications include a book and about 30 articles. 



Selected publications

Rules of the Game for the Russian Entrepreneur. Moscow: Co-libri, 2008 (in Russian).

"Faking Performance Together: Systems of Performance Evaluation in Russian Enforcement Agencies and Production of Bias and Privilege," Post-Soviet Affairs, 2014 30(2-3): 115-136.

"Official Against Entrepreneur: Manipulation of Law as the Basic Control Technique in Post-Soviet Russia," Russian Polity: Russian Political Science Yearbook. Moscow, 2008.

"Transactional Effects of Dense Regulation in Inter-Organizational Bureaucratic Processes: The Case of the Russian Criminal Justice System," Politeia 2, 2011 (in Russian).

"Concept for Comprehensive Organizational and Managerial Reform of the Law Enforcement Agencies of the RF," (English translation, by Stephen D. Shenfield), co-authored with Vadim Volkov, Ivan Grigor’ev, Arina Dmitrieva, Ekaterina Moiseeva, Mikhail Pozdniakov, Kirill Titaev, Irina Chetverikova, and Mariia Shkliaruk, Statutes and Decisions 48(5), September–October 2013.

E-mail: Paneyakh@eu.spb.ru.